Realizing Ideas
Looking for a reliable partner for your IT projects? Pistor Works specialises in a wide variety of services - from building a simple website for you to complete restructuring of your information flow. Years of experience with web development (open source and proprietary), mobile platforms and database makes Pistor Works your ideal partner.
Pistor Works also researches the possibilities of social media for your organisation and integrates them for maximum effect.
At Pistor Works you get:
  •    Consultancy
  •    Databases
  •    Mobile
  •    Social Media & SEO
  •    Web
What's your idea?
Pistor Works possesses great knowledge across all areas of IT and can offer you a wide variety of services.
Mobile and Apps
Pistor Works delivers dynamic, responsive websites using MVC tools, web applications (like a webshop), domain registration and hosting, virtualisation, evaluation of existing systems. And all of it with the latest tools and standards.
All websites by Pistor Works are fully responsive so you get a single website which will work on all screens. You can of course opt to create an app instead of a website. Or both Also your legacy systems like SMS can be updated or replaced
No matter if it is about a simple database driven website or crititcal data storage, Pistor Works has the knowhow to make your database projects a success. When it comes to databases Pistor Works offers plenty of services.
Social Media
Pistor Works is your independent IT consultant. Advice given is completely impartial and independent and tailored for your specific case. No generic solutions! You want specific advice like assessment of your current website? Contact Pistor Works.
Pistor Works will set up social media accounts which will benefit your organisation and reach many more customers. Contact Pistor Works to discuss the possibilities.
Ognjen Mlinar
28-12-1978, Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pragmatic, goal oriented with great analytical insight. Creative and capable of easily transferring nowledge and of accurate reporting. Works well within a team or independently and very flexible.


Developer (PHP, Android, Java, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Laravel (and other MVCs), PL/SQL, legacy)
Developer (PHP, Android, Java, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Laravel (and other MVCs), PL/SQL, legacy)
Databases (MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
Databases (MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
Languages: Dutch, Serbo-Croatian, English, German
Languages: Dutch, Serbo-Croatian, English, German
Information and system analysis
Information and system analysis
User training
User training
Work Experience
Work Experience
Pistor Works (2011-present)
Freelance developer and consultant, owner
Clients: Awesome Productions (web multimedia platform), Elsevier (Magento webshop), (customizing Magento webshop),, other smaller projects in PHP, jQuery, Android.
MeteoVista BV, Zeist (2011)
Web (PHP) developer
  • Designing, administering and developing
  • Designing, administering and developing of Business 2 Business platform MeteoVista
Rodi Telecom BV, Arnhem (2006-2010)
System developer
  • Designing and developing of mobile and web applications for internal and external use and user support
  • Designing and developing of database applications
  • Project management
  • DBA Oracle (major experience with Oracle database on all platforms)
  • Acting sysadmin (Windows, Linux, Oracle)
For the full list of work experience download CV
School voor Communicatiesystemen, 1997-2002
Hooge School van Utrecht, Utrecht
Graduated in 2002, Bachelor
HAVO, 1993-1997
Lingecollege, Tiel
Graduated in 1997
Wapendragervlinder 4
3544 NP Utrecht
The Netherlands
kvk 53113047
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